Self-funded ‘Fatigue’ was shot on super 16mm and made in true ‘guerrilla’ style.

It premiered at the Welsh International Film Festival and was a ‘Film Four Audience Award’ finalist.

It was selected for ‘New British Directing Talent’ at Raindance Film Festival London

and won Great Lakes Film Festival in North America (Best Narrative Feature).

Fatigue’ has travelled to numerous festivals around the world

and was DVD distributed around the world in dozens of territories.


Visit the youtube Fatigue page for more.


Production Company: Tall Man Films

Producers: Mark Faiers Chris Dawson.

Writers: Michael Blackwood Barnes, Mark Faiers

Art Direction: Mark Faiers

Sound: Chris Dawson

Director: Michael Blackwood Barnes

Cinematography: Michael Blackwood Barnes

Editor: Michael Blackwood Barnes