My passion – shaping, controlling light, creating unique imaging. Whether I’m shooting a small budget corporate or high end drama, I treat the two with the same care and attention. There is nothing worse than a badly lit, dull frame. Creating an engaging visual experience is paramount for maintaining audience engagement. 

I’m a skilled lighting DOP – I’m confident using soft/hard/practical lighting kits and modifiers.
My cinematography has twice been nominated for a Bafta award – Helfa’r Heli (Catch of the Day) directed by Geraint Huw Reynolds, won ‘Best Short Drama Film’ at BAFTA Cymru in 2018.

I have a thorough knowledge of colour grading and use DaVinci Resolve to online for both broadcast and web delivery.

I’m skilled in a number of different formats and systems:
Arriflex 16mm.
Arri Digital.